New Computerscales┬« Wireless Tablet XLi™ Single Load Cell Scale System LONGACRE


  • Tablet Included
    • Android™ tablet with high resolution screen and stylus included
  • Ready to Use Right Out of the Box
    • Secure wireless connection from the pads directly to the tablet. No extra boxes needed like some wireless systems. Convenient, no clutter.
  • FREE App Updates
    • When we add features to the app – you get them for FREE
    • You’re no longer ‘stuck’ with only the features that came with the scales when you bought them – you can even upgrade your tablet in the future without having to buy a whole new system!
  • Customizable Display
    • Change the main screen display order to suit your preferences. Show only what you want to see, rotate or change the car icon, change the partial weight % resolution or weight units.
  • Alternate Background Skins

    • Standard Red
    • Industrial Black
    • High Contrast White – Easier to read in bright sunlight
  • Note Taking / Named Memory

    • Name your memory locations – title, date, track, etc. – Your choice
    • Keep a record of the changes made and the results – Notes are tied to the memory location
    • Add, edit or delete notes as needed – virtually unlimited space available
  • Save to File

    • Save all your stored weights and notes with the tap of a button – Easily email or connect to PC for download.

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Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 17 in