Bassett Racing Inertia Advantage NASCAR/ARCA RIM


Bassett Racing Inertia Advantage NASCAR/ARCA wheels can be beneficial to your racing. These 5-spoke race wheels offer the advantages of a faster low moment of inertia center, smaller inside diameter drop center rim shell, and SFI 35.1 certification for use in NASCAR and ARCA Series races. These wheels are built with CNC spun-formed rimshells for low runout, reinforced torque ring, and coined lug nut seat chamfer, so lugs stay tight, the huge vent holes keep your brakes cooler, and their black powdercoated finish is durable and heat-resistant. Inertia Advantage also offers better down force than the competitors and each wheel’s center spoke is in line with a stud hole for super-fast tire carrier indexing!

SFI 35.1 certified. Wheel is not DOT-approved for street use.


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Bassett Racing Inertia Advantage NASCAR/ARCA Legal

Black Powdercoated Wheel

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 12 in